BRIEFING was developed in 1998 as a luggage label whose mission is to pursue the true "Militarism" conforming to the MIL SPEC, while providing outstanding functional beauty.
Ironically, the design concept behind BRIEFING is departure from "Militarism". At BRIEFING, the designers are focusing on the durable parts and state-of-the-art technologies developed in earnest by the inventing engine of the U.S. and constantly thinking about how these more-than-sufficient functions could be incorporated into bags used in ordinary urban settings and what kind of styling finish should be used to achieve a balance of both esthetic beauty and minimum required functionality. All BRIEFING lines are developed to suit diverse lifestyles by assuming various situations where a piece of sophisticated luggage comes in handy. Business, travel, sport, car, train, airplane, and more…. The ultimate selection the users make regarding the bags they carry in these situations must be based on enduring "durability and functional beauty". Since its founding, BRIEFING has successfully grown into the finest-quality luggage brand chosen by users the world over having the most discerning eyes.
BRIEFINGのモデル ラインナップは、洗練された様々なシーンを想定し、どのようなスタイルにもフィットできるように開発されています。


An abbreviation for "Military Specification."It is a series of standardization documents intended to ensure smooth procurement of military goods by the U.S. Department of Defense. One aspect in which the MIL SPEC differs significantly from general product standards (such as JIS) is the specifications for the environment of use. All general standards are established to allow products and materials to demonstrate their designed performance 100% in the normal living space of men. On the other hand, the MIL SPEC that specifies items used for military uses and in the aerospace industry require that materials and products demonstrate their designed performance 100% even in deep sea, scorching dessert, and polar regions. The test methods and application standards under the MIL SPEC are also very different. This is why the MIL SPEC remains "one of the strictest standards." 正式には『MILITARY SPECIFICATION』、直訳すると「米軍仕様書」。


The key material used by BRIEFING products is "Ballistic Nylon (#1050 denier, double-basket weave)," which has extremely high wear resistance and is often used in portable weapons and gun cases. It is one of the heaviest-duty materials used by military factories. The linings and cores use Pack Cloth (#420 denier). All materials and parts used in detail areas conform to the MIL SPEC (Military Standard). MIL SPEC-compliant webbings and metal parts are arranged on shoulders and handles, while all zippers use YKK's fasteners boasting the worlds' highest quality.All bags adopt a unique sewing technique called "Secure Tack?," which was developed to prevent frays along seams (indeed, Secure Tack? is one of the finest-quality combination seam pattern used in the industry). Of course, we cannot forget the RED LABEL "Nylon Tape", which have become the symbol of BRIEFING. These lines provide greater visual cues when slide clips are installed and also serve as reinforcements. These lines are adopted by all BRIEFING bags. They not only reinforce the bags, but also provide a calculated design effect: they allow small parts with slide clips called "Accessory Lines" (different for each series) to be installed on all BRIEFING models. BRIEFINGのメイン素材である【バリスティックナイロン(#1050デニール・ダブルバスケット・ウィーブ)】は、極めて耐摩耗性が強く携帯武器やガンケースに使われることの多い、ミリタリーファクトリーが使用している中でも最もヘヴィーな素材です。 また裏地や芯材はパッククロス(#420デニール)を採用。 細部に使われている素材・パーツは、MIL-SPEC(陸軍規格)に基づくウエビングと金属パーツをショルダーとハンドルに取り入れ、世界最良のYKKファスナーを使用しております。 独自の縫製技術はSecure tack(商標)、縫い目のほころびをさけるために開発したもの(業界で最高級の複合綴じのパターン)を使用。 またブリーフィングの象徴ともいえる「ナイロンテープ」のレッドレーベル。 これはスライドクリップを装着する際の視認性と補強の役割を果たします。 このパーツをブリーフィングは全てのバッグに採用しております。